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We ordered 7 Boosant ceiling fans in total, in 3 different sizes.The original color we chose was no longer being offered, so they offered us the new color, Deep Grey. This color FAR BETTER matched our home colors than what we had originally chosen, so we were so happy they suggested it!The coloring is more of a beautiful brown, with grey highlights than a true grey... really lovely.We have uploaded a few photos showing the Boosant ceiling fan color against our flooring and cabinets. Hubby installed all the Boosant fans himself and it was fairly easy. But having said that, we do suggest reading the instructions in full + watching a few of the videos people have provided.If you are having issues with the Boosant fan being quiet (ours are VERY quiet, like a whisper), you need to make sure during installation to align the downward rod ball into the groove inside the bracket. This was not as clear in the video, but it was written in the instructions. We missed this initially and the fan was noisy... once this was fixed, it was perfect.Also... the packaging was meticulously designed and protected the Boosant fan contents perfectly.TIP: Use the foam doughnuts from the packaging to hold the motor while installing the Boosant fan blades... made it VERY easy to install.We are incredibly happy with the look and function of these Boosant 70 inch ceiling fans!


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