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About Boosant ceiling fan& review Reading About Boost ceiling fan & review 1 minute

Really a nice ceiling fan. Typical chinese instructions- throw them out and use your common sense, it is pretty straight-forward. The only part of it that I referenced the instructions on was the wiring connections which were clear. Installation went well and took about an hour. One suggestion is if you need to use the middle or long bars (we used the long one) only loosen the screws from the shaft end coupling and do not remove them. I removed them and had an issue with one of the screws threading again.
Was concerned that the combination of the big blades (72" on this Boost ceiling fan) and our using the long mounting shaft would cause the fan to wobble but it runs super smooth even at the fastest speed. The real wood blades are a great plus and will age much better than plastic.
Overall, happy with this Boost fan purchase would buy one of these Boost fans again if I needed to add another fan.

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